Best Apex Legends Weapons Season 8 Optimum Guns List 2024

Apex Legends present a beautiful yet lethal list of its weapons to the players of Season 8. As the new season of the game came out, the new mortal glittery weapon “30-30 Repeater Rifle” also added to the professional player’s Best Weapons of Apex Legends list

Best Apex Legends GUNS Season 8

In this write-up, we will discuss the Best Weapons/Guns in Apex Legends Season 8 and how they are best to use in the game.

So wasting no time, let’s go straight into it!

Best Apex Legends Season 8 guns

Here is our list of the best weapons of season 8 that are literally worth giving a try. Read the notable features below to find out which one is the best for you to play your Apex Legends season 8 at its brilliant.

  • 30-30 Repeater (Heavy Assault Rifle)

Apex Legends Best Weapons 30-30 Repeater (Heavy Assault Rifle)

The inclusion of 30-30 to the best weapons of Apex Legends in 2021 is a gold mania. The gun possesses a Charge mechanic, which helps stir 35% more disaster pointing down sights with no shooting. 

The Repeater also possesses a lower damage per shot, low recoil, and faster firing rate. It aids the shooter in opening doors by firing the handle and has a sturdy mid-range prospect

  • Wingman (Heavy Pistol)

Apex Legends Best Weapons Wingman (Heavy Pistol)

The best weapon Wingman is a “Heavy Rounds” pistol. It causes a high disaster per shot and is the only revolver that doesn’t elude headshot multiplier no matter the range.

The specific weapon, when attached with Skullpiercer Rifling, intensifies the gun’s headshot damage. Not only this, you will see excellent results when Wingman is connected with a hops-up “Quickdraw Holster” as this hops-up decreases the ADS time, hip-fire, and swap time of Wingman.

  • Mastiff (Shotgun)

Apex Legends Best Weapons Mastiff (Shotgun)

Mastiff is the best semi-automatic gun in Apex Legends that uses “Shotgun Shells.” The weapon causes a colossal disaster if all bullets are connected to one. It can reload single shots in the middle of a fight.

Mastiff Shotgun shots horizontal-lined shape eight pellets at once, which decreases spread and enhances precision. get a good Frame Rate in Apex Legends and how to uncap FPS


  • Volt (Energy Submachine Gun)

Apex Legends Best Weapons Volt (Energy Submachine Gun)

Volt Sub Machine Gun (SMG) was released in the Apex Legends’ sixth season, which uses “Energy Ammo.” The gun causes a moderate disaster when fired at someone in the game.

It has an excellent projectile speed with a low projectile drop. It also owns a very low recoil, which is exceptionally good and has fast reloading capability.


  • Eva-8 Auto (Shotgun)

Apex Legends Best Weapons Eva-8 Auto (Shotgun)

The Eva-8 auto is a full-automatic pistol that uses “Shotgun Shells.” When you fire at someone in the game, the gun releases nine pellets in the shape of “8. It has a fast firing rate and is the best to use while tracking the enemy’s position

It also possesses an automatic mode of firing, which causes superior damage with 0% leg disaster reduction. 

  • L-Star (Energy EMG)

Apex Legends Best Weapons L-Star (Energy EMG)

L-star is an Energy Machine Gun that is fueled with plasma and uses “Energy Ammo.” They added this gun to the weapon list of Apex Legends’ season 2. Apex Legends Best Settings to Boost FPs and Performance

The gun possesses an ultimate Overheating technology. After 22 repetitive shots, this mechanic activates “Overheat.” It has a high fire rate and causes significant damage for a single shot. This best gun of Apex Legends in 2022 also possesses large projectiles with a low projectile drop, which makes it hard for your enemy to see



  • Hemlok (Heavy Assault Rifle)

Apex Legends Weapons Hemlok (Heavy Assault Rifle)

Hemlok is a Burst AR heavy Assault rifle that uses “Heavy Rounds.” It has two modes from which you can choose. One is a single-fire, and the other is a 3-shot burst.

Both the modes in this gun possess controller recoil, which gives it high precision. It has a sturdy performance at mid-ranges and quality performance at long-ranges. Hemlok is the second single-shot fast-fire rate gun in the game, which causes fair hip-fire in the 3-shot burst mode.

  • G7 Scout (Light Assault Rifle)

Apex Legends Weapons G7 Scout (Light Assault Rifle)
G7 Scout (Light Assault Rifle)

Just like Mastiff, G7 Scout is also a semi-automatic battle light assault rifle. But unlike mastiff, it uses “Light Rounds.”

The gun has a satisfactory fire rate with mid-range potential. G7 Scout is also incredible for contesting snipers.

  • R-301 Carbine (Light Assault Rifle)

R-301 Carbine (Light Assault Rifle) Apex Legends Weapons
R-301 Carbine (Light Assault Rifle)

R-301 is a light assault rifle that uses “Light Rounds” just like the above one. It has a high fire rate with auto and single fire modes and proper precision.

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When connected with the hop-up, “Anvil Receiver,” the carbine rifle’s semi-automatic fire ability and single-shot disaster enhances to a brilliant point. But this hop-up also comes with a price of 2 ammo per shot and a reduced fire rate.


Final Words

This post tried to cover the Best Weapons or Guns’ sensation for Apex Legends season 8 in 2022 by describing their positive points and likeness by other gamers.

Do let us know which gun you think is the best from the Apex Legends season 8 best weapons list 2022 and which one you possibly despise with a reason in the comments.

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