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Steps to get free Apex Legends Coins

So before you let go of your precious money buying the pricey coins of Apex Legends, spend a moment from your time here.

We present our best method of getting free Apex Coins on Apex Legends in just five short and straightforward steps. Just follow them, and in maybe 15 or 20 minutes, you will find your Free Apex Code in your email.

Step 01: Go to

To get your Free Apex Coins, open your web browser and put “” in the search bar. You will automatically land on the friendly homepage of our website. 

GET FREE APEX COINS gamersarenapro

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Step 02: Pick up your Free Apex Gift Card

Among the colorful rainbow of gift cards, search for the Free Apex Legends Gift Card

On finding it, click on it, and this will take you to another page. Don’t be in haste and close that page, as you will select your desired package of Apex Legends Coin on it. 


These free coins will help you purchase in-game pricey and premium items at no cost. So after choosing your desired package to get free Apex Coins, move on to the next step.

Step 03: Sign Up for a FREE Account

The third process is to create your free Apex account. Wait! You don’t have to go anywhere for this. 

After selecting the coins package, it will redirect you to a page of sign-up. The signup process is nothing new for you; just in the email box, use your valid Email ID, which you have used to create your current Apex Legends account. So later in the future, you can easily log into your game’s free version.

GET FREE APEX COINS generator signup

After this, set a sturdy password and end this process by clicking on sign up.

Keep in mind that we deliver a secure process to ensure our valuable users’ and visitors’ safety. You can read the privacy policy of our website GamersArenaPro for further satisfaction.

Step 04: Verify that it’s you!

You know that every signup process has a verification stage from where you confirm that you are a legit person. 


As soon as you’re done with the signup process, you will receive a verification email from our side. So check your email account. 

Open the email from GamersArenaPro and click on the “Confirm Your Email‘ link and then the “Verify Me” button to complete this step.

Step 05: Have fun with your Free Apex Legends Coins

After the verification process, you will again receive an email from GamersArenaPro that will contain your account details and a Free Coupon Code for Apex Legends.


Use this free apex gift card to buy exclusive in-game weapons you have been waiting for months to get. 

Share this five-stepped easy method with your dear friends and let them also enjoy these free Steam funds. Also, don’t forget to write about your experience in this post.

If you are still facing trouble getting your Steam wallet code for free, please re-read the above steps to check if you have skipped any part in between.

How to redeem an Apex Legends Gift Card?

redeem APEX coupon

To redeem your Free Apex Coins Code that you received from GamersArenaPro, follow this method:

  • Sign in to your EA (electronic arts) account and log in to Origin.
  • From the screen’s right side, select the “Redeem Product Code” page and click on the “My Game Card” option. 
  • Paste the free Apex Coins Code that you got from us and click “Next“.
  • Enjoy the free coins that are now in your Apex Legends account. 

What does Apex mean? 

  • Word meaning

In wording, the Apex is the highest point of an object or anything.

For example, he is at the apex of Mount Everest.

  • For gamers: 

Apex or Apex Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle royale) game. It presents a three-player pre-made characters group known as “Legends“. The players can team up with other players in the game or make friends in their group.

What is an Apex Predator?

In the original game Apex Legends, there are seven ranking tiers.

By achieving the set amount of points in a single tier, the player moves onto the next one. 

The tiering list starts from “Bronze” and extends to the highest-ranking tier, Apex Predator. 

How to download Apex Legends?

The game is 22 GB and needs a plus space for downloading but is free of cost. 

download Apex Legends

The game is currently available on;

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox series X|S
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5 
  • PC via Steam and Origin.

You can easily download it on other platforms.
But to download Apex Legends on PC, follow this method:

  • First, go here and download Origin.
  • Then log in to your EA account or create one if you don’t have one.
  • Then, on the app’s left side, click “Browse Games” and select “Apex Legends.
  • Select the “Add to Library” option and click on “Download with Origin.”
  • Then fill in the required information (your language, drive you to want it to be downloaded in). The game then starts to download.
  • After its installation, click on the “My Game Library” on the left side in Origin. 
  • It is now installed. Enjoy!

Is Apex Legends cross-platform?

Yes, the game is cross-platform. You can now team up with your mates on Apex Legends using EA desktop on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And play unlimited battles with apex bravery.

How to add friends on Apex Legends?

Now that the game is cross-play, you can add friends on Apex Legends by following this method:

  • Go to the lobby screen of your game.
  • Then in the bottom right corner of the screen, click on the “Friends list” button.
  • After this, click on the “Add Friends” option, and you are good to go.

How to get better at Apex Legends?

The game is multiplayer and is preferred for even beginners to try. To get better at playing Apex Legends, follow this method:

  • Increase your speed: You can say that it’s hard considering the heavy weapons you are holding. For this, use the sliding mechanic in Apex Legends. Practice the slide as much as you can. Your increased speed will double-cross your enemy.
  • Ping system: Using a ping system at its best is one of the primary things that will help you be better at apex legends.
    You can convey a cue to your squad by pointing at some enemy or the in-game objects. Relaying the necessary information to your team helps you excel in the game and adds to your “Get better at Apex Legends” list.
  • Don’t be in haste: It is best to think before moving into the game. Killing your enemy is essential, but keep in mind that you are putting two things online during the killing process: your health and time.
    So, before you jump into the arena, think for a second that will it affect your (low) health or your time? And then move further to kill the enemy or to hide from him.
  • Kill “The Robot”: Although robots appear randomly and are scattered over vast areas, keeping a hawk-eye and shooting whenever you find one can help you get high-tier equipment.
  • Remember colors: A color-coded strategy represents high-tier equipment. So grab the weapons only that are of high-quality, such as 

White is essential equipment.

Blue is slightly higher than white.

Purple is originally powerful and high-tier equipment.

Gold is the best and legendary-tier equipment you can ever have.

  • Loot the best: When you start the game, looting every weapon cannot help you be of an advantage.
    Go for guns like Krabe, Mastiff, Wingman, and Peacekeeper; those are the best ones you can get. Less-essential guns like EVA-8, VK-47, and Prowler can only be helpful in an extreme situation and nothing else.

How tall is FaZe Apex?

FaZe Apex has a height of about 5 ft and 9 inches. And weighs almost about 68 kg.

Why do Apex Legends keep crashing PC?

Sometimes, the Apex Legends PC keeps on troubleshooting and interrupts your battles. The cause of this crashing may be due to:

  • Expired or corrupted sound adapter drivers or files.
Apex Legends keep crashing

You can fix the Apex Legends crashing PC by:

  • Upgrading your (graphic) drivers.
  • If upgrading doesn’t work, then downgrade it (graphic drivers).
  • Another option is to repair your game files by launching Origin. From here, go to your game library and select “Apex Legends”. Then go to its settings (gear icon) and select the “Repair” option.
  • Try reinstalling Apex Legends and Origin if you still face Apex Legends crashing PC.

Final Words

We are sure that this method will be a 100% success for you to get your Free Apex Coins.

So, to avoid wasting your money, get a free apex legends gift card from GamersArenaPro and play your battles like a pro.

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