What is Apex Legends? How to play Apex Legends? Complete Guide

Apex Legends is a first-person, MOBA, free-to-play hero shooter game. Respawn Entertainment took the responsibility to develop the game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

As the gamers’ demands kept on increasing to have a Switch version of the game, Panic Button started working on the development of the Nintendo Switch version, which is scheduled to be released on March 9, 2021, together with cross-play (version released on October 6, 2020) between all assisted platforms. Apex Legends coins for free check more details.

Apex Legends Initial release date

With zero marketing or pre-announcements, Apex Legends was published by Electronic Arts over all versions on February 4, 2019. And they also confirmed that Apex legends would be released for iOS and Android by the end of 2022. So that’s a long way to wait yet. 

 Apex Legends gameplay

The developers started working on the game by the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. The Apex project always remained a secret for the gaming world until EA launched it in 2019. The gamers never knew that Respawn Media is working on a brand new project and assumed them to be creating the latest version of their project Titanfall franchise till Apex Legends came out. Best Settings for Apex Legends – Optimize Performance & Competitive Settings

Main Objective

In the game Apex Legends, almost twenty-three-person gangs or thirty two-person duos land on an unknown island and look for weapons or items to aim to defeat all the other players in warfare. The sci-fi universe set of the game is precisely similar to Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall series. 

With the clock keeps ticking, the island shrinks gradually and continually brings all the opposing players together. The players either have to kill other players in a battle or find themselves outside the arena; both are equally dangerous. 

The team that survives wins the battle round. 

Total worldwide players

Considering the game had not even a single promotion or a hint given to the outside gaming worlds, Apex Legends achieved over 25 million players in its first week of release. Not only this, it secured 50 million users following its first month of publication. 

 Apex Legends Total worldwide players

According to Electronic Arts, the game had almost 70 million players worldwide by the end of 2019.

Apex Legends received positive reviews from detractors, and others contemplated it as a valuable challenger to other MOBA games.


When will Apex Legends come to mobile?

Electronic Arts confirmed that the Android and iOS versions of Apex Legends would be released sometime by the end of 2022.

Which Apex Legends should I play?

Unlike other MOBA games, Apex Legends let its players choose between many distinctively powerful legends. The cast includes sixteen characters that players can pick from and enjoy their battles.

In this character-select guide, you will be able to pick the best legend with whom your interest matches.

  • Gibraltar: A hard-to-kill and an incredible defensive legend. This legend releases bombs in selective areas and protects his squad using his various abilities.

If you are looking for a legend who protects his members during devastative times, Gibraltar is the only better choice.

  • Pathfinder: A relaxed and festive robotic legend. He helps his team in making movements. His permanent inclusion of Zip Line on the map allows the entire team to have more movement alternatives. 

If you are looking for a legend who finds locations for his team, has the self-defensive ability, and is not too violent, go for Pathfinder as your legend.

  • Caustic: A smoke-releaser legend. His ability includes firing toxic gas and seeing through that toxicity. His smoke abilities can be of an ultimate advantage to you and your squad.

Choose Caustic as your legend if you are looking for combat other than shooting or pointing at your target.

  • Lifeline: A supportive and healing legend. She helps her teammates during bad times by providing a healing package by summoning a drone. 

If you are looking for a supporting character in your teammate, then pick Lifeline legend.

  • Wraith: Almost like her name, an offensive and doorway-maker legend. Her abilities include detectable hints, a threshold connecting two places, and making you shortly immune.

If you love a character who is not afraid of anything and always present to take the lead in the combat, then Wraith would be a fantastic choice.

Despite all these great legends we’ve mentioned above, try others as well because all Apex Legends have something special in their abilities, so exploring each out wouldn’t be an issue.


How to play Apex Legends?

To play Apex Legends, follow these tips and tricks and rule the warfare:

  • Select your optimum Legend: All Apex Legends have somewhat exceptional abilities to be considered influential. So before you go into the arena, choose your ideal legend and prepare him to have the feast. 

play Apex Legends

Want to track down your enemies quickly? Select Pathfinder. Or prefer supporting your powerful squad? Go for Lifeline. Gibraltar isn’t a terrible choice either to shield your buddies.

  • Stay together: As the saying goes, “In unity, there is strength!”. Apply this quote in Apex Legends to achieve gold mines. Working in unity helps you and your squad to steer clear of enemies. Use an in-game system to communicate with your team about important information. 

Caustic shields his squad by releasing Nox gas. In contrast, Wraith provides a dimensional-rift to protect her nearby teammates.

  • Loot good stuff: Each match starts with no items or weapons to your team. Some parts of the map will automatically show the availability of high-tier items that every player in the arena would want to achieve. 

So safety is paramount when looting bunches of high-tier things. Decide before looting if these items will be worthy to you or your squad.

  • Aware of the arena: Apex Legends’ complete map comprises King Canyon. It is a dangerous playing field featuring many distinct territories; keeping track of your movements and finding the best items to loot is the game’s core grip.

In the game, a giant ring keeps on shrinking during the match. So you have to move faster and collect items before it comes nearby and damage you.

  • Protect your squad: During the battle, the health and time of a legend decrease, causing them to slow down. In this situation, staying close to your team or helping them in need is essential. 

Successful resurrection will help your section to avoid defeat. So never leave a teammate behind just because he is injured or unable to work well.

  • Use every privileged Feature: The respective map is full of unlimited objects you can use to defeat your enemy.

Jump Towers assist you to fly and come back to the ground. This feature helps your whole team to move faster. Respawn Beacons escort you back to being alive. Hot Zones provide you with information on the availability of high-tier loot on the map. So practice and use these features to their fullest.

To Boost your game and appearance you may use some game currencies or gift cards which allows you to boost your level in a very limited time.


Final Words

Thank you for reading our well-informative and detailed post on how you can select a specific Legend and use them to play the game. 

Now that you know the game, we suggest you dominate the game world by jumping into the arena. Moreover, it is free to play.

Also, share which legend you prefer or which one you plan to choose from the list we mention above.


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