Free GTA 5 Shark Card Codes Working Method

GTA or Grand Theft Auto shark cards are a high-quality virtual currency. All the shark cards are named after different types of sharks. Every card contains a different amount (GTA$). These gta 5 free shark card codes are almost like gift cards that you have to redeem. 

After redemption, the money goes into your virtual bank. And hence you can use this currency for in-game purchases. 

FREE shark card code in 4 Easy Steps

Like many other virtual currencies, you need to use actual money to buy this premium virtual currency. However, it is optional and depends on you.

But guess what? There is a way you can get absolutely free GTA shark cards. All you need is to follow our method below, which is quite simple. And get and redeem your GTA shark card codes in the next 15 minutes. 

Steps to Get Free GTA Shark Cards 

In this five-step method, you will learn how to get free GTA shark cards easily without wasting time. There is no survey to fill, no lazy points earned, and of course, no spamming.

Nowadays, everyone across the world uses gift cards, as it is great for secure gifting. However, there are many different gift cards with their unique uses. Check it out now!

Follow these steps below now and buy luxury GTA items. 

Step #1 Visit Gamersarenapro

Gamersarenapro is an all-free site that contains gift cards of your favorite games. This site has covered you entirely, from PUBG to Nintendo Switch to unlimited gift cards for a free Netflix subscription.  

Free GTA 5 Shark Card Codes

So in the first step to getting your GTA shark cards, open your browser. Type “” in the search bar and click enter (or click on the blue link). It will direct you to this site. On entering the site, click on the “sign up” button in pink.

Step #2 Sign Up for a Free Account

The second step requires your free registration to the site. It will allow you to reach a page full of gift cards for free. Moreover, the sign-up is completely secure as we value our visitors more than anything. 

Click to sign-up, and you will see a page asking for your email and a designated password. Here, provide a legit email address. Then we will inform you of your gift card details directly in your email. It’s safer this way. 

We recommend you use the GTA Email id for your trouble-free login later. 

Now that you have provided your email, it is necessary to confirm that the ID is yours. To verify, we will send you a verification link in your provided email. 

Step #3 Verify Your Email 

Go to your Gmail and open the email from Gamersarenapro. Click the “Confirm your email” link and then the “Verify me” button. Here it is done. Now head to the next step, which is pretty exciting. 

Step #4 Select Your GTA Shark Card Gift Card

Now your email is confirmed, you can select whatever gift card you want on the site. But for now, find and select the GTA shark card gift card

The selection takes you to the next page. Here, you will choose the GTA shark card package you want and click “Continue.” 

Step #5 Enjoy a Free GTA Shark Card 

You will receive another email from us. This email contains all your GTA shark card information. It’s secure and valid for 24 hours only. 

GTA 5 gift card

You can again get shark cards GTA 5 for free after one day. Enjoy your free shark card and purchase in-game premium items of Grand theft auto 5.

How to Redeem Your GTA Shark Cards or Codes?

Now that you have got your shark card code. It’s time to redeem your GTA shark card. For different game devices, there are different methods. And we have explained all below. 

So let’s jump right on it.  

Redeem GTA Shark Card on PC

Redeeming your GTA shark card on PC is easier than you think.

  • Go to your email.
  • Collect the free codes that you received from us (copy them!).
  • Go to the main menu of your GTA 5 online.
  • Select the “Redeem/Redemption” option to redeem your free shark card codes.

Redeem GTA Shark Card on Xbox One

Here’s how to redeem your free codes on Xbox One.

Redeem GTA Shark Card on PS4

Here’s how to redeem your GTA 5 shark card codes on PS4.

  • Open the PlayStation Store on your game console.
  • In the menu, click on “Redeem codes.”
  • Enter your free code in the required space and enjoy.

How to redeem shark cards on Steam?

  • Log in to your Steam account.
  • Click on your profile name and select “Account details”.
  • Click on “Add funds to your Steam Wallet” and choose “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code”.
  • Enter the Shark Card code and click on “Redeem”.
  • The funds from the Shark Card will be added to your Steam Wallet for use in-game.

How Much Do Shark Cards Cost In GTA 5 Online?

There are six types of GTA 5 online shark cards that you can buy. Megalodon is the number one and most expensive shark card, followed by the Whale, Great White, Bull, Tiger, and Red. It means the cheapest is the Red shark card. 

A single megalodon shark card costs about $99.99 (real-world money). The value of virtual money on this card is $80,000, which is a pretty good deal for your $99. The whale shark card costs about 49.99 dollars with a value of 70,000 dollars. Great White shark card costs $19.99 with a value of $63,000 as an in-game currency. 

The bull shark card costs $9.99 and returns you 50,000 dollars virtually. Tiger shark card costs about $4.99 with a worth of $40,000. And last but not least, the red shark card costs approximately 2.99 dollars with a worth of 33,000 dollars. 

What Are the Best GTA Shark Cards to Buy?

The top 3 GTA shark cards include:

  • Megalodon Shark Card (a little pricey but worth the money).
  • Great White Card (most common price).
  • Bull Shark Card (not so great but cheap enough to level the worth).


Q: What is a GTA 5 Shark Card?

A: A GTA 5 Shark Card is a virtual currency that can be purchased and used in the online multiplayer mode of the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). Shark Cards can be used to buy in-game items, such as vehicles, weapons, and properties.

Q: How do I purchase a GTA 5 Shark Card?

A: You can purchase a GTA 5 Shark Card through the in-game store, or through the Rockstar Games Social Club website. You can also purchase Shark Cards through third-party retailers.

Q: Can I buy a GTA 5 Shark Card with real money?

A: Yes, GTA 5 Shark Cards can be purchased with real money. The cost of a Shark Card depends on the amount of in-game currency it provides.

Q: Do I need to have GTA 5 installed on my computer to use a Shark Card?

A: Yes, you must have GTA 5 installed on your computer in order to use a Shark Card. Shark Cards can only be used in the online multiplayer mode of GTA 5, and they cannot be used in other Rockstar Games titles.

Q: Can I buy multiple GTA 5 Shark Cards at once?

A: Yes, you can buy multiple GTA 5 Shark Cards at once. You can stack multiple Shark Cards to get a larger amount of in-game currency, or you can use multiple Shark Cards to purchase different items in the game.

Q: Can I transfer GTA 5 Shark Cards to another account?

A: No, GTA 5 Shark Cards are non-transferable and can only be used on the account they were purchased for.

Q: Can I refund a GTA 5 Shark Card if I don’t want to use it?

A: No, GTA 5 Shark Cards are non-refundable and cannot be returned once they have been purchased. It is important to make sure you want to use a Shark Card before purchasing it.

Q: Are GTA 5 Shark Cards available on all platforms?

A: Yes, GTA 5 Shark Cards are available on all platforms that GTA 5 is available on, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Q: Do I need to answer some questions before getting free codes?

You will get GTA 5 shark card code generator no survey, all you need is to follow the steps given above.

Q: I have ps4, can I use these free gta 5 shark cards on PS4?

A:  Yes, you can use GTA 5 shark cards on ps4 for free.

Final words 

In the end, we would only recommend you get a free GTA shark card from our site. The actual price to purchase shark cards is nothing but expensive

And when you do not need the virtual money later, your actual money can be a waste. So, why waste your hard-earned money when you can get even the most expensive card for free? instead of wasting money you can make money from GTA 5, the process is really simple.

We are positive that you will prefer the free GTA 5 shark card codes from our site and come for more later. So don’t forget to write about your pleasing experience in the comments below. 

However, if you are having issues with anything, contact us directly. We are here to support you 24/7.

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