How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online Fast In 2024?

Ever since the release of GTA 5 Online, the price of weapons, vehicles, clothes, and many other things has kept on touching the peaks. But so does the value of money that any player can make in the game. 

How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online Fast In 2021?

There are certainly several methods that a player can use to earn big money. But we have selected the best ways to make money in GTA 5 Online that constantly remains on top. 

So, wasting no more seconds, let’s dive right into it!

Here’re the Four Best Ways to Get Money in GTA 5 Online

  • Heists 

Heists are the incredible ways to make money in GTA 5 online if you have a team of 2 or 3 people. There are many heists, including Cayo Perico, Pacific Standard, Doomsday, and Diamond Casino Heists

The best one among them is the Pacific Standard Heist which gives you a profit of $400k per hour if you have a team of 3 people and a high-end apartment (cost: $200k). You also must ensure top skill level to complete missions with high-end efficiency. 

In the Cayo Perico Heist, you work alone in a private lobby and enjoy a great solo profit. Doomsday Heist is also equally best, but you have to share profit with your team and also need a great initial cost to begin.  

  • Special, Vehicle, & Air Freight Cargo

These three methods are more likely to offer a great net profit per hour to the solo player while also doing other jobs in between. Vehicles and Special Cargo require your presence as CEO and have a warehouse or office building to start, whereas Air Freight Cargo requires you to have a hangar with a position of VIP or CEO. 

Although it’s hard and expensive, you will get your investment back in almost no time if you focus on completing missions. 

In Air Freight Cargo, better stick to sourcing a single cargo such as chemicals, narcotics, or medical supplies. For selling 50 crates, you get a bonus of 75%, making it a great yet hectic deal.

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  • Gunrunning and Motorcycle Club

If you want to make passive money in GTA 5 Online, then Gunrunning and Motorcycle Club is perfectly up to your needs. The beauty of these businesses lies in them developing sellable products for you while you generate money somewhere else. 

Buy a Casino and Motorcycle Club or a Bunker for Gunrunning to improve your passive profits. You can also steal or buy supplies for your business, transforming them into a profitable products to sell. 

However, be careful not to store the stock for too long. It’s because the stock will reach a multiple-people-selling point, meaning you’ll need more people to sell the stuff and share profit. Keep in mind that playing solo is always the best strategy. 

  • Premium Races and Time Trials 

These two methods of making money in GTA 5 solo require you to have a fast car or bike with good racing skills. Although both Premium Races and Time Trials change every week, Premium Races are gambling only with no surety of you making money. 

However, if you are good at racing or familiar with stunt races, Premium Races are lucrative. In contrast, you can easily earn the reward after finishing Time Trials once per week. However, this method is not as profitable and may also require a substantial cost of entry.

Final Words 

In conclusion, we are aware that other ways can also help you make money in GTA 5 Online solo or as a team. Not to mention, all of our recommended methods above can make more profit.  

But yes! You must invest equally. If not, then better go for passive profits such as Gunrunning or Motorcycle Clubs. 

Before you leave the page, let us know which method you prefer from the list above. And which you have already tried! 

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