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With the pandemic and all that, many joined different gaming worlds as there were restrictions on all outdoor activities. Lightning link gave the opportunity to play the online, Vegas-style casino slot game. Slots were always very popular, and they still are. They accumulate about 70% of the casino’s total wealth.

Lightning Link Casino

So let’s walk through this Lighting link casino guide to understand this concept better. 

It’s an online casino slot game mainly focused on giving the player a rush and chance of fortune-making, although there is not any real money involved in the case of a demo account (free account). However, you can also bet real money and win, too respectively. 

What Is a Lightning Link?

The thrill of betting with real money is quite captivating and an adrenaline rusher. It’s a pure Vegas-style slot game that gives the player a real sense of a casino. The lightning link has very good graphics, enthralling music, and several themes that you can play in.

The thing you should check when joining any online slot game is the RTP (return to player ratio). If you choose the game with the highest RTP, you will have the highest chance of winning the jackpot.

Many games are now associated with casinos. Go to their official websites and choose whatever game you want to play. Lightning games are already associated with online casinos and let you bet real money. Good luck!

Online slot machines like lightning link are very easy to play. Old-day slot machines usually come with a handle or lever on the side. Now modern games feature touch screens or buttons, you click on it for the spin, and it gives you rewards. 

How to Play Lightning Link Slot Machine?

The game is very simple; the main purpose is to hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, if you can’t, it rewards you all along with spins. You also get free spins. So, the money you lose balances out with the rewards you get.

The game is available both on iOS as well as on android. You get 10 million coins in the demo account as a signing bonus when you first install the game. Play with the bonus to get to know the game. If you want to bet real money, you need to get a subscription.

The game revolves around the slot pay lines. A pay line is where you need the symbols to line up. It can be a horizontal line, an ‘M,’ or even a ‘W’ shape line. A 3-reel slot usually has a single pay line. 3-reel slot means you need three same kinds of symbols to line up where each row has seven symbols. So, the chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 343

The lighting link has 5-reel slots and has more than over 50 payline. It got the highest RTP which is more than 90%.

Wild and Scatter Symbols:

Scatter Symbol

A scatter symbol can be of different forms and vary from machine to machine. They are good news because they enable the game mode for free spins or bonus rewards. But it would be best if you got more than 2 or 3 in a row.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is better than the scatter symbol because they replace the lacking symbol you need to achieve the winning combination. Although wild cannot replace the scatter, wild can increase the chance of winning profits. You can get Free Lightning Link Casino Coins by following 5 simple steps.

In order to reset your lightning account, you need to clear the app data or cache. 

  • Head over to the settings of your smartphone and open apps. Find the ‘Lightning Link’ app and click on it. 
  • When you move your cursor down to the bottom; you will encounter the option of ‘Clearing App Data‘ and ‘Clearing Cache.’ 
  • It will reset your lightning link account. It will also delete all your previous progress, and the game will be like the first time you installed it.

You can win a tier 5 jackpot in the lightning link after opening the tier-5 level in the season (1,000,000 lightning points). Jackpots work by adding a fixed amount to the total jackpot-fund each time the game is played. It increases and increases until someone eventually wins. 

However, you cannot win the Jackpots on the free spins. Make sure to keep in check the jackpot prize and check your luck.

As we’ve said earlier, this lighting link casino guide holds a lot; therefore, we will also tell you how to delete your lighting link account.

How to Delete Your Lightning Link Account?

You only want to delete a game account when you find no interest in it. If you are playing Lightning Link for fun without real money, resetting your account would be enough, and you can uninstall the app if you want.

However, if you are playing for real money and want to delete your account, you need to cancel your subscription. It’s because the game enables the automatic monthly payment method. If you delete the account, it will still charge you through auto-renewal of your subscription in the coming month.

In the case of iOS;

  • Open the settings and click your name. 
  • Go down to the subscription, find the Lightning Link, and cancel the subscription.

In the case of android;

  • Open Google play store. 
  • Click on the menu and open subscriptions. 
  • Find the lightning link and cancel the subscription. You are good to go!


Lightning Link is an enjoyable game you can play in your free time. The game has all the thrill a casino can offer. As the saying goes, “If you cannot go to the casino, let the casino come to you.

Be sure to set a daily loss limit. This Lighting link casino guide does not imply any sure success on lighting; it’s all based on luck. Lightning link also offers different themes under one roof. You can play in various slots. Try lightning link slots and enjoy a riveting slot game experience.

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