How to Make a Badge on IMVU?

One of the fantastic features of IMVU is its badges, which you can create and give to your friends (or your friends can provide you!) anytime. You can also add the desired badges to your favorite list. The IMVU server displays the favored badges alongside your profile picture on the IMVU site.    However, you … Read more

How to Change IMVU Avatar Name in 2024?

With all the other social platforms owning the youngsters’ hearts, IMVU secured a unique place. Apart from our 3-dimensional world, people want to discover more about the technical things humans make as it amazes them. And IMVU is one of those techs. What is IMVU? IMVU is a virtual reality where users can interact with … Read more

How to Delete or Deactivate IMVU account Permanently?

We understand feelings get changed with time, and it needs renewal. It’s not surprising that you are now a little bit tired of the almost virtual realities of IMVU. And deleting, disabling, or deactivating your IMVU account permanently seems a possible natural solution to hit the boredom. So, here’s a complete guide for you to … Read more

Get Free IMVU Credits in 5 Easy Steps

Purchasing costly credits with veritable money is not the only way out to enjoy the 3D avatar social networking site, IMVU. No kidding! You can get free IMVU credits, and no survey by following our 5-step method. We are 100% sure that you will love every step of our best method because you don’t have … Read more

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