How to reset Nintendo Switch and how to stream it on twitch?

Streaming Nintendo Switch games with family and friends is a great way to spend your weekend. And you might earn some lovely fans during playing those games.

But sometimes, if your hybrid device goes slow, it needs a quick setup.

Reset Nintendo Switch

In this write-up, we will help you to reset your Nintendo switch from the sleep mood. And you will also learn how to stream the Nintendo switch on twitch. 

How to reset/reboot your Nintendo switch?

If you are having trouble starting your console or waking it up from the sleeping mode, you need to perform a hard reset on it. 

Here is how you can reset or reboot your Nintendo Switch console:

  • Press and hold the power button of the console for at least 15 seconds.
  • The screen will go black for a second. Then, light back up with the Nintendo logo followed by a switch logo.
  • After that, your Nintendo Switch will be back to its working order. 


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How to steam Nintendo switch on twitch? 

Here’s how to stream Nintendo switch on twitch:

  • The Nintendo Switch doesn’t support internal streaming. so an external capture device is required. For this, use an Elgato HD60 capture card. There are many other versions of this card, but they are also costly. So buy the version that matches your taste. 
  • Place your Nintendo Switch in its dock.
  • Detach the HDMI cable of the switch from your TV. And plug this cable into the capture card.
  • Now connect this capture card to your computer or PC through a USB cable.
  • Use another HDMI cable to connect the capture card’s HDMI out port back to your TV’s HDMI port.
  • Now create a twitch account or log in to your existing twitch account. 
  • Then link your twitch account to Elgato’s software. For this, select twitch as your streaming platform (you will find this in the Live Streaming section of Elgato’s software).
  • Then login to the software and allow access to your account. The Available functions of streaming on Elgato software are slightly basic. However, it is all you need to stream for now!


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Final words

Now easily reset your Nintendo Switch console and connect it to twitch for massive live streaming gameplay.


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