How to charge Nintendo Switch controllers/ pro controllers?

We know it’s an incredible frustration that While playing your favorite games, suddenly the battery of your Nintendo Switch controllers goes dull. 

charge Nintendo Switch controllers

So to make sure that situation doesn’t pop up in your gameplay journey, you should keep your switch’s controller fully charged all the time. It’s not rocket science, by the way!


It will also help you play your game without interruption of the controller’s warning of low battery popping up repeatedly. 


So, follow these one-minute steps below to charge your Nintendo Switch controllers and pro-controllers. 

Charge the joy-con controllers of Nintendo Switch

We have explained two ways below to charge your joy-con controllers

Just a Nintendo switch, these controllers also take almost three and a half hours to charge fully. 

First method

  1. Link your Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo Switch console. 
  2. And then, simply charge your console.

Second method

  1. Link your Joy-Con controllers to their charging grip (comes in the package with the switch). 
  2. Connect this charging grip to the dock of the switch. You will do this by using the USB cable that comes in the whole packaging. Or you can also connect the joy-con charging grip to the Nintendo Switch AC adapter (model no. HAC-002).


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Charge the pro-controllers (sold separately) of the Nintendo switch

First, keep these few points in mind:


  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller takes almost three hours to charge fully.
  • When the Pro Controller is fully charged, the recharge LED will shut off. It is beside the USB.
  • There is no need to dock the Nintendo Switch console to charge the pro controller.


Now, follow the two methods below to charge your switch’s pro controllers, which you can buy separately:

First method

  1. Attach the Nintendo Switch AC adapter to the dock. And then connect it to a wall socket.
  2. Attach the USB charging cable to the pro controller. This cable comes in the box with the Pro Controller (HAC-010). Then connect the cable to a USB port on the dock.

Second method

  1. Connect the AC adaptor (HAC-002) of the Nintendo Switch to the Pro Controller. And then connect it to a wall socket.


Final words

These methods were easy, weren’t they? We believe that they are!


Now, make sure to charge your Nintendo Switch controllers and pro controller before you jump in to play your favorite game. Or else you will have to face the irritating low-battery situation of the controllers.


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