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You are about to get a completely free Netflix account so without wasting any time let’s get to the point.

Free Netflix Account username and password
Free Netflix Account username and password

Things might get quite simple and easy for you from now onwards because we have the perfect method for getting a free Netflix account in this lockdown.


The steps which we’ve given to get a free Netflix account are only 5, so by this, you can imagine how fast they are going to be.

The steps to follow in getting your own Free Netflix Premium Account are as simple as mentioned below:


Open up your google search bar and search it up for

step 1 visit

As soon as the website opens, you will see something like this in the picture below. What we need to do is to get gift cards from this website which are totally free to acquire.

Scroll down and you’ll see the available gift cards and one of them will be Netflix. That’s what we want.

? Select Netflix Gift Card

gamersarenapro Giftcards coupons

Click onto Netflix. As soon as you’ll click onto Netflix, the Netflix page will open up.

gamersarenapro netflix subscription free

You will have the option to get the account in the package for one, two or four screens. It means that you’ll be able to watch Netflix on one, two, or four screens at the same time.

And the next thing you have to decide is how long you need the Netflix account for. You can have it for as less as one month or for as long as for 1 year. The decision depends on you.

After this, click continue.

? Create Your Free Account

As soon as you’ll click on continue you will be redirected to a signup page where you have to create a free account, Sign-up and verify your E-mail address which is pretty simple

gamersarenapro create account signup

Fill in the bar of email with your available Gmail ID and make up your own password.

And then press the signup button. You’re almost done with it. Let’s keep going!

? Verify Your Email

Keep on going you’re almost done getting a FREE NETFLIX ACCOUNT Just verify your email.

As soon as you sign up, a page will open up asking you to confirm your email subscription.

? Get Your Free Netflix Account Details

Once verified you will receive an e-mail from Gamers Arena Pro with your free Netflix account username and password

Free Netflix account details

Click on the mail and in the mail, there will be a user email and password for your own FREE NETFLIX ACCOUNT which is what you’ll need to login to your account on Netflix. And here you go, you have your own Netflix user email and password with your own Free Netflix Account.

? Go To The Official Netflix Website to use Free Netflix Account

Open your Netflix website/app fill in your user name and password into the sign-in box.

watching free netflix

And here it is you’ve logged into Netflix and you have all of your favorite shows and movies in the line on the tip of the click. Enjoy and have your life filled with all the thrill and mysteries to solve. Have it all within this one app which I’m sure you’re going to love in an hour of despair.

And if you never want this fun-filled adventure on Netflix to end and to keep watching further on just follow these simple steps again till your old age even. But just remember to use a different Gmail ID each time you plan on having a Free Netflix Account.


In competition with Netflix, are Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney plus. These are other services to look towards which have gained quite a reputation in the world as pretty good platforms to stream movies and series. But, even in the competition with them, Netflix still comes in first as most used and with maximum users subscribed to it. Netflix has 180+ million users subscribed to it. And websites like Andriod Authority and others have confirmed that Netflix is the preferable choice for more than 50 % of the population.


I’m sure this all would be worthwhile for you and you’ll be having a much greater and more fun experience with Netflix. This all process is just made for you to make things easy and less complicated for people like you and me. We all require things that’ll be easy to access and approach. Most importantly that which is for free and would cost us nothing. Many of the people stress out for the payment and dues to be given monthly. Why all the stress to find new websites and only end up watching movies with ads in between.

Now that I’ve made things easy enough and available for you which isn’t even going to cost you a penny, the excitement to watch all those shows and movies on your list which you’ve awaited to watch must be rushing. Now I won’t take much further of your time and will leave you to continue with the simple and easy steps. I hope this all has been helpful for you and you’ll have great lockdown days with your favorite Tv shows and movies. Do share your feedback and experience after using this method to get a Netflix Free Account.

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