Get Free IMVU Credits in 5 Easy Steps

Purchasing costly credits with veritable money is not the only way out to enjoy the 3D avatar social networking site, IMVU. No kidding! You can get free IMVU credits, and no survey by following our 5-step method.

get free IMVU credits instantly
get free IMVU credits instantly

We are 100% sure that you will love every step of our best method because you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back, read the steps with focus, and get free IMVU credits in only 15 minutes or less

Steps to get free credits on IMVU

Here, in this comfortable 5-step method, we will bring forth the necessary instructions on how to get free credits on IMVU without paying. For this, follow each step as we give it to obtain a simple idea of getting IMVU credits for free.

Step #1 Visit GamersArenaPro

Welcome to the first step. Here, you will know how to make a start for getting secure and free credits in IMVU in almost no time to count. So in the first step, open a new window in your browser, type “” in the search bar, and click enter

free IMVU credits Visit GamersArenaPro
free IMVU credits Visit GamersArenaPro

The website offers you countless Gift Cards, Coupons, and promos for free for various gaming and entertainment purposes by getting on the user-friendly home page. Keeping the fact aside that the Gift cards, coupons, and long-worthy guides we offer for other platforms will fascinate you, look for the IMVU Gift Card. This Gift Card will help you in purchasing IMVU free credits.

Step #2 Choose IMVU Gift Card

The second step is purely easy and is a continuation of the first step. For a variety of gift cards, click on the IMVU Gift Card, which will redirect you to another page. 

free IMVU Gift Card
free IMVU Gift Card

On this page, you will select a package of IMVU credits amazingly worthy of your demand. After the selection, click the continue button.

Step #3 Create Account

The continuation will end at another redirected page, a signup page where you will create your IMVU Account. The signup process is nothing new for us; just in the email box, use your valid Gmail ID which you have used to create your current IMVU account. It will later aid you in login into your site account with no issue. Now, confirm the signup process by setting a strong password. And you are safe to go for the next step.

free IMVU credits Account
free IMVU credits Account

But before anything else, remember that we are providing a secure signup process to ensure our treasured users’ and visitors’ safety. You can read the privacy policy of our website GamersArenaPro here for auxiliary satisfaction.

Step #4 Verify Your Email

You are almost incredibly close to your destination of getting free credits on IMVU, so do not skip a sole part in haste.

free IMVU credits Verify Email
free IMVU credits Verify Email

After completing the signup process, you will get a verification email from our website on the Gmail that you provided. Open this email and click on the “Confirm Your Email” link. And then, click on the “Verify Me” button to end the specific process.

You will then again receive an email from our team (refresh your Gmail page to view the new mail) containing your free IMVU credit codes’ complete information.

Step #5 Enjoy Your Free credits on IMVU

Collect the information about free IMVU credits from the email that you’ve received from us. Log in to your IMVU account and purchase as many credits as you want using the IMVU gift card. Now use this gift card to get IMVU credits to buy makeup, homes, landscapes, skin tones, and unique stickers for your avatar. Share this step-by-step method with your dear friends, and don’t forget to write about your experience under this write-up.

Enjoy Free credits IMVU
Enjoy Free credits IMVU

If you are still having trouble getting your gift card for IMVU credits, kindly reread the above steps to check if you have skipped any part in between.

As social networking sites are taking over the world day by day, IMVU has successfully kept its title as “known and popular” among youngsters. With many other popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing its users to do small online businesses and interact with thousands of strangers worldwide, IMVU plays exactly similar roles but with some advanced features.  

free IMVU credits
free IMVU credits

IMVU is a graphic messenger service that provides enjoyable experiences to its users. Using in-app credits, users can buy makeup, clothes, skin tones, furniture, and stylish stickers for their avatar’s profile. 

So wasting no more seconds, let’s get into details of what brought you here — getting free credits on IMVU.


What is IMVU?

IMVU is an online meta-universe and social networking site/app. The company “IMVU” was first founded in 2004 and sponsored by Menlo Ventures, Bridgescale partners, Best Guy Capital, and AllegisCyber capital from day one. The name of the company was neither an initialism nor an acronym.

What free IMVU credits
What free IMVU credits

Eric Ries, the co-founder of IMVU, explained the reason behind the accidental name of the company saying, “It is not an acronym; it does not stand for anything“.

IMVU is usually a 3D avatar, online chat, and dress-up game. Users loved the most about IMVU is to experience the customization of their avatar. The in-game three-dimensional avatars hang around in the themed environment, demonstrate humor, and interact with other avatars. 

IMVU reported monthly revenue of one million dollars in June 2008. In 2014, the number of active users rose to over four million on IMVU, which never stopped making the company hold over thirty million active users worldwide. You can earn real money on  IMVU by selling goods or skills. 

What are IMVU credits?

IMVU has its currency known as “Credits” and “Promo Credits“. With this currency system, IMVU accommodates its economy. When a user buys an item with promo credits, the creator earns a third type of currency known as “Developer Tokens“. 

What are Free IMVU credits
What are Free IMVU credits?

The members utilize these credits to buy virtual items such as hair, clothes, skins, homes, landscapes, clubs, and pets.

The second type of currency distributed by IMVU among members is known as “predicts or promotional credits“. The users can also acquire this currency by taking part in a few activities provided by IMVU and in copious “Partner Promotions“. When the members buy a virtual product using promo credits, the “buy” transfers the promo credits into developer tokens. 

How To Get Free IMVU Credits Instantly?

To receive your free IMVU Credits all you have to do is to Signup for a free account on GamersArenaPro and follow the instructions, no need to collect any points or video ads it’s that simple and easy.

How To Get More Credits on IMVU?

You can get a limited amount of credits daily from one user account but there is a trick, you can use multiple accounts to get more FREE credits for IMVU.

How to buy IMVU credits?

In this, we will explain exactly how to buy credits on IMVU. The thing is, you can easily buy credits straight from IMVU with authentic money. The credits enhance your IMVU experiences to be more joyful. You can purchase unlimited in-app items such as makeup, accessories, skin tones, clothes, clubs, rooms, houses, furniture, and stickers for your avatar.

buy IMVU credits
buy IMVU credits

For buying credits, all you have to do is visit the official site of IMVU and log in to your account. Then click on “Credits” and select “Buy Credits”. From here, choose a package that suits your interest. (For making an upgrade, check the desired option in the second column). Then, select the payment method that you prefer the most and click checkout. After this, fill out your billing information and click the “Process order” option. 

And here you are done. Just wait for a page to appear, which will confirm your purchase. And this will automatically add your credits to your IMVU account. You can also gift or send your credits to others.

However, besides buying with actual money, you can earn free IMVU credits using our step-by-step method. Not only this, you don’t even have to gain any unnecessary points by giving answers to boring surveys. Yes! You can get free credits on IMVU without surveys


How to use the IMVU credit gift code?

After receiving your free IMVU gift card:

  1. Log into your IMVU account.
  2. Click “Credits” and then select the option of “Buy Credits”.
  3. Select the desired amount of credits and go to the billing section. 
  4. Just under the payment options, check the box beside “Have a coupon code?” and enter your IMVU coupon code that you received from us and only checkout.
  5. After this, wait for a moment so that a page appears confirming your successful purchase. 

Enjoy your free credits added automatically to your IMVU account.

Final Words

So now you know what IMVU is? What are IMVU credits? And most significantly, how to get free IMVU credits besides buying from actual money. Enjoy your free instant credits on IMVU.

Making things comfortable and available for our users and visitors is our top-tier priority, and therefore we make sure to bring unique and worthy content to our users. Last, don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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