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Nowadays, slot machine games are doing pretty amazing in the online market. People are spinning slots repeatedly and winning prizes that are much to their expectations. It would be very likely for you to play such games in this situation. 

No doubt, Wizard of Oz is one of the best and free Vegas-style slot games out there. It costs you nothing except the coins for everyday spins. However, you’d have to buy these coins most of the time, and who got the gratuitous money to spend on that? Well, I wouldn’t recommend spending your precious bucks on such a thing when you could easily get Wizard of Oz free coins following the method down here. 

So, let’s give it a view!

Steps to Get Wizard of Oz Free Coins

Here’s the ultimate method to get your free coins for the Wizard of Oz slot machine game. 

Step #1 Goto GamersArenaPro 

In the first step of getting your free coins for the Wizard of Oz, head over to this unique website named “” On landing the comfortable webpage, scroll the sidebar down, and you will jump upon hundreds of gift cards for different platforms of games and entertainment. 

 Wizard of Oz Free Coins Website

That’s what the whole site is about! You can get gift cards any other day for your favorite platform. On top of that, It would cost you NOTHING, literally ZERO BUCKS!!

So, keeping in mind why you’re on this site, let’s move on to the next step. 

Step #2 Select the Wizard of Oz Free Gift Card

Now, from these hundreds of free gift cards, find the Wizard of Oz gift card and click on it. It will bring you to the “Package Selection” page. Now, select a suitable coin package that you think would be perfect for letting you enjoy this slot game for longer. After you’ve filled the blank bar with your desired coin amount, click “Continue.”

Step #3 Register For a Free Account

Now, you are on the “Account Creating” page. This sign-up page would require your authentic Email ID and a preferred strong password. The reason for the authentic email is that you can come back later and get free gift codes without re-entering your email every time you enter the site. And a strong password is to protect your account. 

More importantly, this account-making process is utterly secure, as we value your online information. Please head over to our privacy policy for further assurance and give it a good read!

Step #4 Verify Your Email 

Now that you’ve made the account, we must confirm you as a real person. So for this step, go to your mailbox and open the “Email Verification” mail from Gamersarenapro. Then click the verification link in the mail, and here you go; you’re verified successfully. 

You will get another mail from our site delivering you the details (code) of your free Wizard of Oz gift card. To see this mail, refresh your mailbox.

Step #5 Enjoy Free Coins for Wizard of Oz

Here, you’ve got the Wizard of oz free gift card and its code. You can redeem this gift card and use the coins to play extra slots and win hundreds of bonuses absolutely free. 

That’s all. Share this easiest method with your game-holic friends, and if you encounter any issue, repeat the steps to see if you’ve missed something or let us know in the comments below. 

About the Wizard of Oz Slot Game!

Wizard of Oz free slot game is the best slot-type game featuring characters from Wizard of Oz and vegas slot machines. This slot game is all about spinning and winning, along with enjoying the virtual Las Vegas theme casinos. 

However, it also requires you to have coins before spinning a slot. And once the coins in your game account end, you can try our 5-steps method that would cost you nothing and get you free coins for Wizard of Oz.

When Was the Wizard of Oz Made?

WMS released the game in 2011 and based the game on presenting every character and various background sounds from the famous movie “Wizard of Oz” released back in 1939. Considering the movie is this old, the background or main setting of the game is completely plain

How Can I Get My Gift Code?

After you’ve selected the free Wizard of Oz gift card from our site “Gamersarenapro,” you will follow the further steps (mentioned above). You will then get the code from us through the mail you provided during free site registration.  

What Can I Do With My Wizard of Oz Gift Code?

You can redeem the free code and enjoy the number of coins in it by spinning how much you like. With free coins, you can also buy any luxury items on the game and apply them to your character or game settings. 


That’s all for this post. If you’ve tried the five steps easiest method to get Wizard of Oz free coins above, then let us know your experience in the comments. Now enjoy hundreds of spins every day without worrying about losing your coins. 

You can always come back after 24 hours and get your desired free coins in minutes. See? That’s how easy and FREE it is!

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