What is Steam Wallet? Complete Guide to Steam Gift Cards

Steam is a platform that provides an assemblage of games, a convenient environment, user-friendly leisure, an option to play on whatever computer you want, and an option to download games of your interest.

  • How did it start?

Steam is a service that provides the digital distribution of video games by American developers, publishers, and digital distributors, Valve Corporation also known as Valve Software.

How did Steam start?
How did Steam start?

The valve used the strategy to launch Steam in September 2003 as an independent software client. This way, they provided automatic updates for their games and permitted third parties to publish games.  

Steam offers services of social networking, video streaming, DRM, and server hosting. It has also enlarged into an online mobile, digital and web-based storefront with a small set of entertaining content such as Films, Animes, Design Hardware, Software, and Game Soundtracks

Steam bestows its users with Cloud Storage, community features, installation and automatic updating of games, and in-game chat and voice functionality


  • How does it work?

For gamers, it is the best platform to buy and download PC games at once. To purchase Steam games, users need a steam account, which aids them in even downloading games by logging into their steam accounts on any digital media that supports Steam. 

How Steam works?
How does Steam work?

In the Steam Library, the users can keep a history of their achievements, game statistics, friend activities, and the collection of played games. Being the online community, Game Hubs and Steam Chat allow players to interconnect with each other.

During the initial stages of Steam, for Game Developers, it permitted almost every developer to publish their games on the platform in return for a cut of the profit and paying a specific amount to Steam. But this was a real risk for Indie Game Developers, so Steam introduced their additional feature, Steam GreenLight

Although Steam GreenLight worked as a voting spot for the users to choose what games they wanted to play on the platform, it was replaced by Steam Direct in 2017. On Steam Direct, the developers don’t need the community appeal, and they can release their game onto Steam by paying $100.  

Steamworks is a daughter platform of Steam, where game developers can partner with Steam and can have entrance to Steam Direct and Steamworks: a free apartment of tools to refine their games.


  • Concurrent users:

Valve corporation started Steam to update their games, but this turned out to be the largest digital distribution service for PC games, acquiring almost 75% of the marketplace in 2013

By 2019, Steam had more than 34,000 games and over ninety-five million monthly active emptors and users

As of December 2020, Steam made a record of over 24.8 million concurrent users


What is a steam wallet?

Steam provides a Digital Bank to its users known as a Steam Wallet

Users can include funds in their Steam wallet and use these funds to purchase games. 

steam wallet Free Credit
steam wallet Free Credit

Even though you can use your card information in the Steam wallet, the funds you add allow you not to use your debit or credit cards instead straightly use Steam funds to buy whatever you want. That includes in-game purchases as well. 

You can also pre-purchase funds to add to your wallet by using Steam wallet codes.



  • How to transfer a Steam wallet to PayPal?

Steam does not allow the wallet funds’ withdrawal or transfer, so the funds are tightly bound to the steam wallet only. 

transfer Steam wallet to PayPal

However, we have brought you a legit way to transfer a Steam wallet to PayPal. It may take your time, but when you get real money out of your Steam funds into PayPal, who cares?

So want to know how to transfer Steam wallet funds to PayPal? Follow this method.

  • You could buy items like CSGO skins and resell them on legit websites like Bitskins or OPskins (OPskins is a website that allows people to buy and sell skins cheaper or expensive, depending on their wants.)
  • Let’s say that you got $100 in your Steam wallet. Go to the Steam market and buy skin (of whichever game you want) from those $100. 
  • After that, register an account on OPskins and sell that skin at market prices
  • And this way, you can get your Steam money into PayPal. 
  • The conclusion is that you have to buy a skin from the Steam market and resell it on OPskins, and that is it. Your steam funds are now into your PayPal account safely.


  • How do I view my Steam wallet?

Many people get confused while finding their Steam wallet balance. We will tell you how you can view your Steam wallet balance after adding funds to it.

How do I view my Steam wallet?

To view your Steam wallet (funds/balance), follow this method.

  • Log into your Steam account on Mac or PC.
  • On the top right-hand corner, you will see your username.
  • On the right side of your username, you will see your current Steam wallet balance
  • You can also view your wallet by clicking on your profile in the top right corner. From the drop-down list, click on “View my wallet” to check your current steam wallet balance.


  • How to make money in a Steam wallet?

Besides buying pricey funds, you can also earn Steam wallet funds by playing games on Steam. 

  • Some games on the platform give you Steam Trading Cards in return for playing them. Some cards are only worth a few cents, while others are worth one or maybe more dollars. You will get almost 2 to 3 cards at the end of one game round. Just enjoy playing games with focus and save these cards and then redeem funds in your wallet.
  • Pre-order the pre-released items. Sometimes, the developers release the exclusive items in Early Access. After their official release, you can sell these items on the Steam market at reasonable prices.

One of the best examples is the PUBG cosmetic set. The game roughly cost $30 in the pre-released phase, and the cosmetic set came free with it. 

Currently, on Steam, the cosmetic set has a selling price of $1,400.

  • Some games drop worthy items other than Trading Cards only. You can sell these items at the Steam market and get a few funds in your Steam wallet. Most of the time, the most affordable games (i.e., golf with your friends costs only $6) drop items worth 8 to 10 dollars, so don’t forget this method.


  • Can I convert a steam wallet to actual money?

The answer to this question is YES!. 

There are many websites out there doing scams, and being their partner would only put your Steam funds at risk. But being aware of that, if you encounter any scam, the risk will be yours to bear all alone. 

convert a steam wallet to actual money


Remember that you can only trade your in-game Steam items and not your Steam funds

Although you cannot directly get real money out of your Steam account as “these funds have no value outside the platform,” you can convert Steam money to real one using third-party websites.

Don’t know how? No problem, follow the method. 

Just go to the Steam market and buy CSGO skins and sell them on Skinwallet. This way, you can get your money directly into the account you want, such as a bank or PayPal account

But before purchasing CSGO skins on Steam, check their selling value on the Skinwallet to avoid the risk of the item being sold not more than what you paid.

  • Another method is selling CSGO keys. They have a high price for buying and selling. In the users (community) market, CSGO keys sell rapidly. 

Sell these keys at a reasonable rate and get real money in your account out of Steam. 


  • How to give money to people on Steam?

There is no way exactly to send money to people on Steam. However, try these legit methods of sending money to your friend or whoever you want.

  • You can send your friend a Steam digital gift card online with a code. This method lets you send a Steam wallet balance (depending upon the gift card value) to your friend. 

For that, have the respective recipient as your friend on Steam for at least three days. Buy a Digital Gift Card online and send it to that friend. It will convert a Digital gift card into his/her local currency. 

  • The other best method is to ask your friend what game he wants and then give him that as a gift. 


What are Steam wallet codes?

Steam wallet codes, also known as Steam gift cards or wallet codes, are the easiest way to put money into your Steam wallet. These codes or gift cards can be redeemed on your Steam account utilized to purchase software, games, and various in-game items on Steam.

Free Steam wallet codes

Not only this, you can give a gift of a game to your dearest friend using a Steam gift card. You can buy these Steam wallet codes or Steam gift cards at any retail shop in sorts of currencies and denominations. 

Want to get legit Steam wallet codes for free? We have sketched below a comprehensive way to get your free Steam wallet codes quickly. Check that out now!


  • What is my Steam wallet code?

To find your Steam wallet code, buy a Steam gift card. After that, the platform’s team will contact you through email and give you your Steam wallet code

Also check: How to get free PUBG UC?  Visit GamersArenaPro and get free gift cards for a bunch of platforms without earning redundant points or answering surveys. 

  • How to redeem my Steam wallet codes?

Once you purchase your Steam gift card or Steam wallet code

  • Log into your Steam account on PC or Mac.
  • On the top right-hand corner, click on your profile
  • From the drop-down list, click on the “View my wallet” option.
  • After this, you will see the heading “Your steam account” on the right side of your screen.
  • Under this heading, click on the “Redeem a Steam gift card or wallet code” option.
  • In the blank bar, enter your Steam wallet code voucher and click “Continue.”
  • The steam code value is now added to your Steam wallet. Enjoy your redeemed steam wallet code.


  • How to buy Steam wallet codes?

You can easily buy Steam wallet codes or Steam gift cards at Steam’s official store. The platform is selling its gift cards across the world. You can use your local payment method to buy thousands of Steam wallet codes at online shops.

Follow this method to buy Steam wallet codes;

  • Go on Steampowered and select your belonging region.
  • From the drop-down list, search the name of your country and select the desired online shop. 
  • The selection will redirect you to another page. From here, select the Steam gift card or wallet code that you want to buy and proceed with the payment method.

You can also get cheap or discounted Steam wallet codes online.

  • Websites like OffGamers and G2A provide wallet codes or Steam gift cards at discounted or cheap rates. Just click on these websites to get cheap steam wallet codes at once.

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