Use Your Steam Wallet for In-game Purchases

Buying games or in-games items from Steam using your Steam wallet or free steam wallet code will be the most hassle-free thing now. 

Steam Wallet for In-game Purchases

Down here, we have explained how you can link or use your Steam wallet on your favorite games. So, let’s not waste more seconds!

How to Use a Steam Wallet on the Trove?

Here’s how to use Steam wallet funds on Trove:


  • Log into your Steam account and install Trove if you haven’t already.
  • Then open the game. Your glyph and Steam should link automatically.
  • Go to the settings and then to the “Payment” section. 
  • Here set the payment method as your Steam wallet
  • Once you finish this, make sure to open the Trove through Steam every time you decide to use a Steam wallet for Trove purchases.  

How to use a steam wallet on GTA?

As GTA V already accepts Steam wallets, you can use it on the game. For this:


  • Log into your Steam account and go to the GTA V page. 
  • Select your desired shark card (or anything) and click continue.
  • On the checkout page, select “Steam Wallet” as your preferred payment method and proceed. 


If your Steam wallet is out of money, get free steam wallet codes now, redeem them, and purchase your favorite games or in-game items on Steam. 

Why Can’t I Buy Zen with My Steam Wallet Anymore?

The reason the Steam client did not answer your purchase of zen could be lag or automatic reinstallation


For this, better contact Steam customer support or wait a few more hours for Steam to respond. It should solve the issue! 


How to Remove Credit Information from a Steam Wallet?

To remove your credit card details from the Steam wallet:


  • Log into your Steam account from anywhere. 
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click your profile and select “Account Details.”
  • On your account page, you can see the history of your Steam purchases
  • In the right column, you can see any stored credit cards with the option to remove them. 
  • Click the removal option of the desired credit card. 



That’s it for today!


If there is any query about Steam wallets or free steam wallet codes, please let us know by writing it below in the comment section. 


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