How to Make a Saddle In Minecraft?

The saddle is a carry-like structure to place on an animal, mostly in the case of horses, for its owner to ride safely. In common terms, a saddle is also called a ‘seat.’‘ It’s mostly made up of leather and fastened on the animal’s back by a girth.

Make a Saddle in Minecraft

I love riding horses in games. But when I first came to know that you can ride a horse in Minecraft, I understood that I had to give it a try. In order to give horse-riding a try, you need one and only thing, and that’s a saddle. Unfortunately, you can’t make a saddle; you have to find one. So, we can’t tell how to make a saddle in Minecraft, but we will tell you how you can find a saddle in Minecraft!

Where to find a saddle in the creative mode of Minecraft?

In the creative mode of Minecraft, look for the saddle in the Creative Inventory menu, and you will find a saddle under transportation. It is the case for java editions only.

Where to find a saddle in the survival mode of Minecraft?

If you require a saddle, you won’t be able to make or craft one. You have to find it. You can find the saddle in various chests lying around the dungeons and temples. You can also trade a saddle for a few emeralds if presented with an offer from a villager. You can obtain saddles from fishing. Mob loot also spawn saddles for the strider.


As it’s impossible to explain, “How to make a saddle in Minecraft?” Here, we will tell you how to find a saddle in Minecraft in 2022! 

Find a Chest In Dungeon:

Saddles can’t be crafted, so the best chance to find a saddle in Minecraft in 2022 is to unlock every chest or box you encounter. You can find chests in dungeons. It would help if you located dungeons in the world. 

Dungeons are underground and are usually a small room with a master spawner and have one or double chests lying around, which usually contain valuable items, i.e., A saddle. There are 28% chances of finding a saddle in dungeons. When you find a saddle in the chest, make sure to move it to your inventory.

Find a Chest In Nether Fortress:

In Minecraft, there are very high chances of finding a saddle in the Nether Fortress. To access the nether fortress, you need to make a Nether portal. It’s a tricky place; make sure you bring a lot of supplies.

Find a Chest In Nether Fortress

You’ll have a 40% chance of finding a saddle in Nether Fortress chests. Make sure to move the saddle to your inventory.

Catch a Saddle While Fishing:

Fishing is also a way to spawn a saddle in Minecraft. Cast your fishing line into the water.

You will start to see bubbles rising in the water from the fish movement. Let the bubbles come closer to the fish line, and the bobber will get pulled underwater. And as soon as the bobber gets underwater, reel in your fishing line. If you are lucky, you may get caught in a saddle. It will automatically move the saddle to the inventory. It has a base chance of 0.8%.

How to Use a Saddle In Minecraft?

The purpose of the saddle is to ride a horse as it enables us to steer the horse in the direction we want. Before riding the horse, we need to tame the animal. While not holding an item, the way to tame it is to click on the Horse like you would do to use an item. The Horse will most likely buck you off. 

It would be best if you repeat this until heart-shaped animation appears. You can also feed the horse apples, wheat, etc., to help it tame. Now your Horse is tamed.


Once it’s tamed, it will no longer buck you off. Point towards the horse and click open the inventory menu. It will open yours as well as the horse’s inventory.

Place the saddle in the slot next to the image of the horse in the inventory. Now, you can ride around the horse in any direction. Get Free Minecraft Alts Account read the detailed article 


Saddles can be used on horses as well as others like donkeys, mules, and pigs. You can ride a tamed horse or mule but won’t be able to control or steer them. For that, you need a saddle, and we have already told you how to make a saddle in Minecraft or how you can find a saddle in Minecraft in 2022. Saddles can be unequipped by removing them from the specific inventory slot. We hope that you enjoy Minecraft!

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