Free COD Points or CPs in the Call of Duty Series

So hey bud! I guess you’re presented as if you were enjoying your Call of Duty session but ended up being irritated because now you have to unlock exclusive items or buy Battle Pass to play in the war, which can only be possible using COD points (CP). And maybe, waiting for weeks to complete a single round to get free COD points?

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Or are you a new player planning to taste the fun with total preparations, like getting free COD points without spending a single penny and buy unique in-game items with it?

Although you can complete Battle Pass missions in Call Of Duty to get free CPs, it is still difficult to earn all COD points. You must wonder how to get free COD points without spending a cent or escalating in the tier list. Well, you have reached the right place at the right time, as this post includes answers to all your doubts. 


After reading this stepwise write-up, you will get your gift cards and will be able to get free COD points or CPs in equally no time. Then, you’d be enjoying your next call of duty session, nobody knows, maybe in an hour or half.

Steps to Get free COD points in Call of Duty

Here is the complete step by step method of getting free COD points, which is by using the available get-free options in the GamersArenaPro. Read this method provided in steps to get free gift cards or coupons and enjoy your Call of Duty sessions with full focus and multiple in-game premium items without investing your money or time on leveling up.

Step #1 Visit

For getting your free COD points, visit  This website provides an easy to use and understand home-page for its users. 


By entering GamersArenaPro, you will find a number of guides to get several free accounts for various other platforms and we are sure that you will love them too. What an excellent all-in-1 site for you!
So as you are here for Call of Duty points, you will get an option of a Free COD Gift Card. By using this card, you will be able to get COD points or CPs entirely free. 

Step #2 Choose Call of Duty Gift Card

Choose Call of Duty Gift Card
Choose Call of Duty Gift Card

From the variety of Gift Cards, click on the Call of Duty Gift Card option and it will redirect you to another page. There, you will select the COD points package that suits you better. These COD points will help you to unlock exclusive items, several passes and skins.

Step #3 Create Account

After selecting your desired package, hit the continue button, and you will be redirected to a sign-up page. Before this, you should know that the sign-up process is entirely safe as the security of our users comes first. You can also read the privacy policy of our website to confirm your safety. 

Now, create your free account by using your email ID. Make sure that you use a valid email ID which you have also used for your Call of Duty account. The reason behind this is that after creating your own free account, you can easily log in due to the same Gmail in the future. Then you will set a strong password and confirm it.

Choose Call of Duty Sign-Up your Free Account
Choose Call of Duty Sign-Up your Free Account

Here it’s done. You will then click on the sign-up button, and a page saying “Thank you” will appear on your screen. This procedure will get you your reward of free COD points that you can later use in Call of Duty to unlock and enjoy premium items available only to paid users. 

Step #4 Verify Your E-Mail 

Just wait! You are almost there. Now visit your Email Account to check the new email to confirm your verification.

Choose Call of Duty Sign-Up Verify Your E-Mail
Choose Call of Duty Sign-Up Verify Your E-Mail


From here, Click on the Confirm Your Email link, and now you can verify your account by clicking on the “Verify Me” link.  After the verification process, refresh your mailbox, and you will receive an email from GamersArenaPro containing the complete details of your free COD points. 

Step #5 Enjoy your Free COD Points

Now log in to your Call of Duty account and purchase COD points using the Gift Card that you have got from GamersArenaPro Email. 

And boom! Enjoy your free COD points and purchase in-game exclusive items or battle passes and play until you get tired of it. Also, share this method with your dear friends, who are also interested in getting free CPs instead of spending a fortune.

How to use these free COD points?

Now that you have your details from the website’s email, you are only one step away from getting your free COD points. The email that you received from GamersArenaPro will basically contain your code information. Go to the main menu or setting option in your game profile and apply this code. Now refresh your page and check the increase in your COD points. 

free cod points redemption
free cod points redemption

Finally! you have got the fruit of your patience. It is important to follow this method in the flow, keeping in check each and every step. If you have not got your CPs, then read the steps again to check if you have missed anything in between. 

What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty series is a video game that features first-person shooters. Activision first published this game in 2003. The series comprised only World War II scenarios at the start. But with time, they have advanced it further to showcase Cold War, Dark Deep Outer Space, and Futuristic Fiction Worlds scenarios

free COD points Call of Duty Gameplay
free COD points Call of Duty Gameplay

Call of Duty comprises many series and has various handheld games and spin-offs produced by other developers. Infinity Ward Developers were the first to develop this game, and later on, other developers also took part. The recent series, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, was released on November 13, 2020.

What are the COD points or CPs in Call of Duty?

COD points or CPs are the in-game money that we can use to unlock various exclusive items such as skins or for purchasing the battle pass to move further quickly. The particular and most realistic method of getting these COD points is by using actual cash. 

free COD points Call of Duty
free COD points Call of Duty

You can also get free COD points by completing a battle in the game, but that is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, you have to buy unique in-game items to soar further, and that is only possible by using CPs. 

After remastering of the Black Ops III and Modern Warfare, these COD points are movable between the games, but this method is not applicable to Call of Duty: Mobile.

How to get free COD points in Call of Duty?

You can get free cod points in call of duty by completing battles and getting battle passes to jump to the next level. The other way to get free CPs is by escalating in the tier. But these methods of getting free CPs will require your precious time and effort to win the battles. And in most possible cases, it is difficult to actually complete one round of the game and by this alone, you would lose interest in the game if your only purpose is to get free CPs. 

How to get free COD points in Call of Duty
How to get free COD points in Call of Duty

Although the COD points require actual money to be bought, we have brought you the possible and easier method to get CP in Call of Duty for free in time equal to zero. In this way, you don’t even have to play the game and you will still be getting your COD points completely free.

Down here, we have entirely discussed this method on how to get free COD points in the call of duty, so without wasting your time, let’s move further.

Final Words

We know that everyone loves free things just like us, and getting them is not as hard as you think. We have concluded this step-by-step method only for your comfort so that you can unlock and enjoy in-game items of a unique kind in Call of Duty. And play every round without the interruption of the “Buy CPs” option. Now forget about purchasing various exceptional items with real currency and start monetizing the stepwise method that we have mentioned above to get the best out of it.

The purpose of making things easier for you is because we prioritize your comfort over anything else, as these steps to get free CPs will only cost you your precious time and won’t cost you a single cent from your hard-earned money. We are pretty sure that after using this secure method, you will be able to get free COD points in Call of Duty in no time. And we can’t wait to hear about your fantastic experiences of getting high-class items using the steps mentioned in this write-up.

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